Trying to Find My Pants in Ecuador

I’ve got a little problem. I can’t remember where I put my pants. You see, we are about to take a drive into southern Ecuador, to explore some towns in the cloud forests, between about 6,000 and 8,000 feet in altitude. We are really looking forward to it. By all accounts it is an area of beautiful mountains, breath-taking waterfalls, and interesting people.

But I need my pants!

You see, we have been living in Salinas on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador for several years now. With our year-round warm weather, I’ve become used to just wearing shorts, t-shirt or short sleeve shirt, and sandals. The last time I wore pants was about 18 months ago, when we visited family in the US at Christmas. Although it won’t be that cold in the mountains, probably no colder than the 60’s overnight, it still would be a good idea to pack some pants.

Geez, I guess I better look for some socks too …

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