I thought I could ignore the goings-on this week, and just let it all slide. After all, like most Americans (if polls are to believed), I really don’t like either candidate for President. I got no horse in this race, no dog in this fight, no clowns in this circus, no turd in this bowl, whatever metaphor you prefer. But if you’ve read some of my other posts, you know that something that gets right up my left nostril in a hurry is sloppy and irrational thought. Not to mention, ridiculous and nonsensical Facebook posts.

And then smilin’ (or more appropriately, smirkin’) Teddy Cruz has to go and set off a shit storm of both.

What is worse, I have to say I actually agree with Ted Cruz on this one. Pardon me while I spit, that left a terrible taste in my mouth. You see, I consider Ted Cruz to be evil, in the most literal sense of the word. I’m not talking policies here, just basic personality. I used to work in the Senate, and this is just common knowledge. Seriously. Everyone in the Capitol just takes it for granted that he has a red velvet robe tucked away in his closet that he wears while sacrificing small mammals. No one makes a big deal about it, its just a given, and you work around it.

But in this case, the social media is up in arms over his refusal to endorse DJ Trump for President. Sure, the man insulted his wife, said his father was possibly working with Lee Harvey Oswald, but Ted signed a pledge!

Is that how democracy works? No matter what I think about a candidate, I have to not only vote for him but encourage others to vote for him, regardless of what I think of his ability to do the job, because I signed a pledge that I would support anyone blindly? He’s not the only one being castigated and threatened for failing to endorse, or failing to be enthusiastic enough. Both former President Bushes, Jeb(!), Mitt Romney, and more are being called everything from cowards to traitors, because they have the nerve to want to make their own decisions on whom they support.

I also have seen on FaceBook and in the news, this incredible statement after Teddy C dared to utter the phrase “vote your conscience” – If Hillary Clinton wins, it will be in part Ted Cruz’s fault!

As they say down here, en serio? Really? Let’s look at this for the steaming pile it is, and the ugly supposition it implies.

First, again there is the sentiment that you are being disloyal if you do not vote as you are instructed to by the party. Does that sound like democracy? Vote like we tell you comrade, you don’t need to have an opinion! Isn’t that what they call in the advertising world a paid endorsement? Or in this case, a forced endorsement? Doesn’t that mean you want people to lie about your candidate in order to fool people into voting for him?

Second, and here is the ugly supposition, this statement says that you are afraid that if people were to vote their conscience, they would select Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Let me say once more, I don’t like either one – but doesn’t that sound like his supporters feel like if you think about it, and vote your heart, you will NOT select their candidate?

I don’t know, it’s all getting a little too weird for me. Too much hate and fear, not any real discussion of real issues that affect our lives, and no real solutions offered – just meaningless rhetoric.

Personally, I think we should just let everyone’s terms expire and not bother replacing them. Let’s try a few years with no President, no Congress, no fighting and arguing and hate mongering over this position and that position, no inquests and committees looking into everything except how to run the country better, and see how that goes.

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