The Power of 10’s

If you have never been truly fat, you cannot appreciate the thrill and the power of 10’s. To fully experience it, you must be at least obese – morbidly obese is even better.

Let me explain.

In January of 2009, shortly after my wife Carolyn died, I was in that morbidly obese category at 319 pounds. “Morbid obesity” is defined as being 100 pounds over your ideal weight (check) and having a BMI of 40 or more (double-check). There’s a long story behind that rise to maximum blubberosity, but we’ll get into that another time. The point is, when you weigh that much, losing a couple of pounds seems almost meaningless. The one’s column is not the significant digit.

Ahh, but changing the second digit in the number, the 10 spot – THAT is a rush!

After I met Rita and I started getting my life back together, and especially once we moved to Ecuador, my weight began coming down. About a year and a half ago, it was down to 235. Once again personal issues intervened (later, I promise) and by June of this year, I was back at 279.

Finally though, I seemed to have come to grips with my personal demons, and lately I have re-discovered the joy of those 10’s. Going from 279 to 275 seemed like nothing at all. What’s a 4 pound loss compared to 275 pounds? That’s only a 1.4% change in body weight, after all. Seems like a drop of grease in the KFC bucket.

But seeing the numbers change from the 270’s to the 260’s, now THAT feels like progress!

I passed the 270 mark in the first week of August, and now I am trembling on the edge of crossing the 260 line, into the 250’s. It’s remarkable what a thrill it is to see each of these lines get close. This morning it was 261.2, so now there are all kinds of questions and motivations. Can I get under 260 by the end of the weekend? Surely by the end of the month! If I add a little time on the exercise bike, will that pop me over the edge?

And of course, shortly after the 250 mark is breached, comes another big milestone for us porky people. I’ll cross the threshold again from morbidly obese into just plain ol’ obesity! Woo-hoo!

I’ll keep working at it, and this time I feel good about actually succeeding and keeping the weight off. I think I’m finally ready to let myself enjoy life. If I stay on the present course, by the time 2017 rolls around, I’ll only be fat.

What a pleasure it will be to discover the power of 1’s!

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  • J. Mospan says:

    Proud of what you are doing and your accomplishments. You look terrific in the pictures. So glad that you and Rita are happy and enjoying life. Mike mentioned a couple of nights ago that we should probably get prepared to move somewhere out of the United States.

  • Great to see progress. Give yourself a reward at each 10 pound advance.

  • Jean McCord says:

    Keep inspiring us. Thanks.

  • Scott Graham says:

    Rock and roll! Good luck with it.

    Read Gary taubes’ books if you’d like to get some really good information about the process. It is truly eye-opening

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