The Sore Loser’s Club

I started this article, choosing the title “Light at the End of the Tunnel” on Friday morning. At the time, it seemed like after a crazy year in the most bizarre election of our lifetimes, things had finally settled down. It was no longer a question of whether Secretary Clinton would win, but how much of a margin she would win by, and more importantly, how the Senate and House races would be affected.

Before I could finish the article, FBI Director Comey decided things just weren’t weird enough. Now that “Light at the End of the Tunnel” appears to be an approaching train.

If this were a normal election year with normal candidates, this would not be an issue. After all, if you bothered to read the letter Director Comey sent (as apparently none of the talking heads on news shows have done), it is an extremely vague statement. Emails may or may not exist, and they may or may not have any bearing on a closed case. Nowhere in the letter does it say the case is re-opened.

That’s it.

At the time this letter was issued, he had not seen any of these emails, and admitted some may be duplicates of emails already reviewed. In fact, they had not even subpoenaed the computers in question yet. To top it off, the only thing they seemed to be able to confirm was that the emails were neither sent from, nor sent to, Secretary Clinton.

So naturally, in this Age of Misinformation, based on this meager framework, a huge conspiracy has been built. Almost immediately, Mr. Trump began spreading the word that Secretary Clinton has been found guilty of all sorts of things! The FBI has re-opened the case, probably due to a certain orange candidate who forced them to see the Truth, although he is certainly too modest to take the credit, but many people are saying that it’s his influence, and he’s deeply honored.

Once again, Mr. Trump renewed claims that the election should be cancelled, and he should be declared the winner.

There is plenty to be bothered about on all sides in this kerfluffel. Ultimately, I don’t think it will stop Secretary Clinton from winning the election. I do however believe it will affect the Senate and House races, and reduce the margin of victory, which will have dire consequences over the next four to eight years.

Consider that Senators McCain and Cruz have already floated the idea that they will probably just block any Supreme Court nominee that a President Clinton might name. Members of the House are already discussing possible impeachment trials.

I’m sorry, but at some point you cross the line between “opposition” and “treason”.

I have voted for both D’s and R’s in the past. I’ve always tried to look at the issues, not the party, and as I’ve said before, I am really not a Hillary Clinton fan. But why has the GOP become the Party of Sore Losers? Why do they consider it their sacred task to reverse the decisions of the American electorate?

There have always been hints of this type of reaction in the past, starting with Richard Nixon’s famous “you won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore” speech in 1962 when he lost the race for Governor of California. Eight years later, he proved himself to be a sore winner too, but that’s a topic for another blog.

Let’s look at the loser’s for now, starting with George H. W. Bush. When he lost his bid for a second term to Bill Clinton, he conceded very graciously. He was a classy guy about it, no doubt at all. But the Republicans in Congress began immediately trying to find a reason to discredit and put an end to the Clinton presidency.

Almost out of the box, first there were complaints about inappropriate use of Christmas cards (seriously). Then the travel office, then looking into the famous “Whitewater” deal when he was Governor of Arkansas back in the 70’s. This was to lead to a four and a half year investigation, costing the US citizens an estimated $80 million dollars. When insufficient proof of wrongdoing showed up on the business deal, special prosecutor Ken Starr continued to look for anything else, finally seizing on the Monica Lewinsky affair – not that he had the affair, but that he lied under oath about it.

Remember when all of this was going on, Bill Clinton continued to be a popular President, and was in fact the first Democrat since FDR to be elected twice. Despite impeachment proceedings, he finished his term with higher popularity ratings than Congress.

The GOP as sore losers have really hit their peak with the Obama administration. President Obama in 2008 won 365 electoral votes, and 52.9% of the popular vote. Yet immediately after his historic election, Senator Mitch “Sad Turtle” McConnell publicly stated “my number one priority is making sure President Obama’s a one-term president”.

Really? I thought he was supposed to represent the people of Kentucky in passing new legislation.

Throughout two terms of office, the Republicans have done as little as possible to help the country, and as much as possible to hurt it, preferring to let it fall apart rather than let anyone think President Obama deserves any credit. They have even voted against their own party’s goals just out of nothing but spite. Again, here’s a popular president, elected twice with more than 50% of the vote – and by the way, only three other presidents have been elected twice with more than 50% of the vote in modern times – FDR, Eisenhower, Reagan and Obama – and still the popular Republican talking points are “worse president ever”, “extremely unpopular”, and so on.

So now, here we are in this current mess. Once again, a Clinton will be in office, and once again, the Sore Loser’s Club will unite to prove to the American people that they chose the wrong candidate. Once again, the chances of getting anything done to help this country out will be nil, because the GOP will do everything they can to make sure nothing good happens during a Clinton administration.

Who gets hurt? Not the politicians, they have their cushy jobs, high pay, lots of fringe benefits, great health care, and guaranteed income for life. We get hurt. The American people will once again be sacrificed on the altar of Party Politics. Forget about improving infrastructure, forget about improving health care, forget about global warming, fracking, jobs, or any other issue that could make a difference in your lives.

Get ready for four years of even more hate and spiteful rhetoric.

And the worst part, is that’s if we’re lucky!

If we are unlucky, Mr. Trump wins, and we have the most ill-equipped president since Ulysses S Grant.

But I’ll save that for tomorrow ….

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  • Scott Graham says:

    Jim, you are definitely a true believer., that’s for sure.

  • Loyal Adams says:

    Great piece. I believe you’ve, as they say, hit the nail on the head. Look forward to future articles.

  • Kathryn Jones says:

    I am 67. I’ve seen a lot of politicians come and go….it seems to me that the idea of being “of the people, for the people and by the people” as a governing body has pretty much flown the coop. I tend to look at a proposed leader as representative of the people who put them there. Sad isn’t it? That these should be the front runners? Out of the millions of people in this country, this is the best we can do? If they are a reflection of the state of this nation, then shame on us, all of us that think one or the other of them could effect the changes that really need to happen….schools that actually teach our children, medical services that actually tend to the sick, proposals and incentives that actually encourage change for the better, because it is better, not because it lines someone’s special interest groups pockets; and so many other systems that are for all intents and purposes, broken. That’s the only word I can think of, when they don’t serve the people who pay the taxes to make them available. Have we become so inured to the greed, theft, scandalous and cartoon-ish, that we cannot read the handwriting on the wall? Other mighty empires have failed before us, and no doubt many more will follow. I was told as a child that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I guess time will tell.

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