The Death of Reason

R.I.P America 
b. 7-4-1776
d. 11-9-2016

What the hell, Uncle Sam, you had a good run. I guess all things must come to an end, I just didn’t think that when the time came it would be at our own hands. I’m trying to keep a positive frame of mind, but it is hard to be happy about anything today.

It is indeed the death of reason. Is is also the death of facts. Most of the blame can be shared by the news/entertainment industry, and social media. The news channels and papers for playing for drama and entertainment instead of honestly discussing the differences in the candidates, and social media for replacing facts with rumor, innuendo, hearsay, and outright lies.

This election saw social media hit new heights in sinking to new depths. There are organizations that were pumping out the most outrageous lies as “click-bait”, willing to deceive and confuse for the sake of turning a quick profit. It is amazing how the Internet, which can be such an empowering source of knowledge at your fingertips, has been debased and used instead as a money-making propaganda machine.

For the second time in my adult life, a candidate has won the popular vote but lost the election. But that’s not the problem today. The election is over, and there’s no point playing what if games. I just can’t shake the feeling that America as we know it is gone forever. I never thought more than 41% of voters would be fooled by a TV reality show host. I feared a stagnant Clinton presidency, with Congress and a rogue Trump blocking all progress and trying to overthrow the election results with constant hearings and investigations. I never imagined that we would choose the Doomsday Scenario – Trump Triumphant, and backed by both a GOP House and Senate.

But it’s over now, both the election and America. Looks like the terrorists finally won. They’ve succeeded in bringing us down with our own fear and hatred.

So it’s time to say goodbye, Ol’ Lady Liberty. It’s been swell, but now it’s over between us. Say goodbye to health care, 24 million people. So long to Planned Parenthood, and adios civil rights. Goodbye to gay rights, and a fond adieu to any kind of reasonable immigration reform. Toodle-oo banking regulations and consumer protection programs. Au revoir to a Free Press. Ta-ta to the environment while we’re saying goodbye to things.

There’s some hellos to make too – hello, Stop and Frisk. Say hi to a more militarized police force. Greetings to a conservative Supreme Court. How’s it going, punitive bombing? Здравствуйте to our new Russian allies. Welcome rendition programs, and don’t forget to say howdy to global economic collapse.

I wish I saw some ray of sunshine, some sort of hope to cling too, but it is frightening to think that the only thing standing between the US and total chaos is the good sense and restraint of a GOP Congress.

Instead, I keep thinking of the final two lines from the poem “The Second Coming” by the Irish writer W.B. Yeats. It was written in the aftermath of the First World War, but seems all-too appropriate today.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

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  • Doris Flynn says:

    Jim, I enjoy reading your blog and often could comment. This time, I have to! I knew I really disliked Trump, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about Hillary as president. However, I admire her commitment to families and children and some of her other values. We try to teach children not to bully, and we try to teach our girls to value themselves and that their body is their own. In addition to Trump being a billionaire businessman and reality television host with no military, political, or public service, I think he is a bully who shows little respect for others, particularly women.

    • Jim Santos says:

      I agree, and if you read my earlier political posts, I’m also no Clinton fan – but it’s disheartening that almost half of America chose someone unqualified instead. I feel bad for his supporters as well. They are just as screwed as the rest of us, they just don’t know it yet.

  • Roger jackson says:

    my thing is that you should give him a chance before you declare the end of America.
    We gave bush a chance, and after he destroyed all of the trade center building but 1. Yes I said he destroyed 6 of 7 buildings killed thousands of people started an illegal war and we gave him 4 more years
    We gave Obama 4 years of hope and change, to stop the wars and close gitmo and after everything but that we gave him 4 more long years.
    So the last 16 years have been anything but good for lady liberty and our liberties.
    I think that if he does nothing he may, by just being elected stopped WW3 and that is more then the last 2 Rulers did in the past 16 years.

    • Jim Santos says:

      Thanks for your comment. I would argue that the situation here is remarkably different from the last two Presidents. I was no fan of President GW Bush, but he had served as a Governor of a large state prior to running for the WH. President Obama served in the state Senate and in the US Senate, and taught Constitutional law. Since the President’s oath is “to support and defend the Constitution”, this again seems like a qualified candidate. Also, whether you agreed or disagreed with their policies, they at least HAD coherent policies.

      Now we are faced with a President-elect with no experience in Government, and who had demonstrated that he either is not aware of what is in the Constitution (which is bad), or he knows but doesn’t care (which is worse). He has no coherent policies, other than to get as much he can personally grab as quickly as possible. There is no telling from day to day what he may take into his mind to do – and he has made it clear that he believes anything he does is ok, because he is President. During the “transition” he is already demonstrating that he cares more about what SNL says about him than he cares about security briefings. He is blatantly making deals to enrich himself, without any regard to what is best for America. He is bullying both corporations and private citizens over Twitter. And he is not even in power yet.

      So we are in a situation where we are all on the same flight, we have to change pilots, and the man taking over clearly has never flown before, doesn’t want to listen to information on what has happened on the flight up to now, and believes he can make the plane do anything he wants regardless of the realities of physics and the advice of experts.

      And we should just “give him time” and hope he does nothing instead of crashing the plane?

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