Inca Trail Update: We Hike Tomorrow!

UPDATE! The full story of our Inca Trail Hike – and much more – is now available in paperback and as a full-color eBook (free read for Kindle Unlimited members) on Amazon. In “An Uphill Climb – Survivor’s Guilt and the Inca Trail” you will find practical advice for preparing for the Inca Trail, and follow along with colorful pictures as Rita and I make our attempt.

This is not your typical Inca Trail book.

There is the story of pain and loss leading up to a new life that should be a happy ending, but instead is tainted by guilt and feelings of unworthiness. You will get a fascinating glimpse of expat life in Ecuador, as we take advantage of our home in South America to train in the Andes. As I share stories of his my few months as a widower, you will even get a peak behind the curtains of working in the US Senate.

From the ups and downs of the loss of childhood innocence, dealing with cancer and death, finding love again, and fighting depression, you will experience an emotional journey every bit as difficult as the Inca Trail itself just to get to that first checkpoint at Kilometer 82 in Piskacucho, Perú.

After all of the preparation and pain, will we make it to Machu Picchu? If we do, it will be An Uphill Climb.

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