A Big Day

August 28th, a big day for us. It was on this day three years ago, after over a year of mental and physical preparation, that Rita and I were standing at Kilometer 82 just outside of Piskacucho in Perú, ready to take the first steps on a 26-mile 4-day/3-night hike to Machu Picchu.

It is just over a month since the book about the hike and the struggle to prepare for it, “An Uphill Climb“, has been available on Amazon and Kindle. I’m happy to say that it is slowly (ever so slowly) catching on with readers. To date, I have six reader reviews on Amazon (all 5-star) and two on GoodReads (one 5-star, one 3), and over 350 GoodReads members have it on their “Want to Read” list. Even better, only one of those reviews is from someone I know even slightly, the rest are strangers.

Looking back now, the hike still means a lot to me, and it still represents the biggest physical challenge I have ever faced. Even more so, I am amazed at what we were able to accomplish in the year leading up to the hike, in terms of losing weight (for me) and getting into shape (for us both).

We are still trying to hike (look for a post about a recent hike soon), but of course that is difficult in these COVID-19 days. Also difficult is staying in shape – back at the beginning of the year we were very active, going to the gym several times a week, getting back into ballroom dancing, and even taking up pickleball. Now months of isolation, limits on travel, and a new fascination with baking have all conspired to push the weight in the wrong direction.

Hopefully now we can start to work in a decent hike in the middle of the week when parks are not as busy, as as evenings eventually get cooler we can add an evening walk to our routine. Until then, what else; I’m working on a couple of other books.

So if you would like the full story, I hope you take a look at An Uphill Climb. If you are looking for lighter reading, check out The Galápagos Islands:On Your Own and On a Budget, which chronicles last August’s trip to the Islands, with money saving hints for expats and North Americans alike. Both are available as free reads to Kindle Unlimited members.

An Uphill Climb

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