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Starting today and ending March 25th 2021, you can enter a free giveaway drawing from GoodReads. One hundred lucky people will receive the Kindle version of my latest book, Living Abroad: Challenging the Myths of Expat Life .

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Living Abroad by Jim  Santos

Living Abroad

by Jim Santos

Giveaway ends March 25, 2021.

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Use the links above to enter. You can also order the e-book or paperback direct from Amazon now.

Here are a few early reviews:

Wally H. We are planning a move to Salinas, Ecuador this year, and this book is an invaluable resource for anyone planning a similar move. It has specific, important information about life as an ex-pat, and is presented in an informal, reader-friendly format with a healthy dose of humor added. Jim and Rita have been there, done that, and have great stories to share. You get the pros AND the cons of life in a foreign country, which is very important to anyone contemplating such a move. You feel like you are part of their adventures as you read this book, and you can get excited about ex-pat life because of their wisdom, acquired first-hand while living in Ecuador. We certainly are excited about re-locating, but now we have a much better idea of what we will be doing once we get there, too. Thank you!

Elizabeth P. “LIVING ABROAD is a useful, honest, laugh-out-loud funny guide for anyone who’s considering a move from the United States to a new country. The author’s years of experience both as an expat and as a writer make for a book that is truthful, realistic, funny, and sensitive. Even though I’m not currently planning to move overseas (although now I’d seriously consider it!), …. truly a pleasure to read. ” 

Gregg G. “This is an excellently written manuscript that was a joy to read. It offers a balanced, well-informed look at expat life while challenging many common myths about that experience. You build your credibility by stating your purpose right off the bat (i.e., not to persuade the reader either way but to offer an honest view of the topic) and then supporting your claims throughout with sound reasoning and anecdotes drawn from your own time in Ecuador and elsewhere. Though it’s not strictly a how-to book, I think this would be tremendously valuable for prospective expats, not just in helping them think through whether that life choice is right for them, but also in encouraging them to approach the process with a healthy mindset more likely to result in a positive experience. Well done!”

Thanks, and good luck!

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